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How to set up reCAPTCHA

What is reCAPTCHA and how does it work? reCAPTCHA is a human verification mechanism which created and maintained by Google as a free web service. When you enable reCAPTCHA for a form on your website, a couple of JavaScript scripts will be loaded from Google’s servers every time a web page with the form is being displayed. [...]

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Cloudflare and WP Cerber

If your site is behind the Cloudflare proxy service and your WordPress is protected by the WP Cerber plugin, you have to do two things to let them work well together. Check My site is behind a reverse proxy in the main WP Cerber plugin settings. Exclude the Custom login URL you have set in the WP Cerber settings from CloudFlare’s [...]

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A better way to automate WordPress

I am pleased to announce an absolutely new automation plugin that has recently arrived. The jetFlow plugin is an automation tool that brings power of workflows to your WordPress powered site. This new plugin allows you to automate almost any task or business process without coding knowledge. Furthermore, you can fine tune any aspect of [...]


WP Cerber 2.9

What is new? Added ability to check and block prohibited usernames (logins). You can specify list of usernames (logins) on a new settings tab called Users. The plugin will immediately block any attempt to log in and will lock out any IP address have tried to use those logins. It’s recommended to have at least following [...]


WP Cerber 2.7.2

Small issues in the plugin were fixed Fixed bug for non-English WordPress configuration: the plugin is unable to block IP in some server environment. If you have configured language other than English you have to install this release. Fixed two small bugs related to 1) unable to remove IP subnet from the Access Lists and 2) getting IP [...]


WP Cerber 2.7

What’s new in the most powerful and flexible solution to mitigate brute force attacks and hardening WordPress New: Now you can easily view extra WHOIS information for IP addresses in the activity log including country, network info, abuse contact, etc. New: Added ability to disable WordPress REST API, see Hardening WordPress New: [...]

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Know more about intruder’s IP

To enable retrieving, check option: Drill down IP. To view the information click on a particular IP address on the Activity tab. Technical details To get extra information like country, company, network info and abuse contact WP Cerber uses requests to a limited set of external WHOIS servers which are maintained by appropriate [...]


WP Cerber

What’s new in the best plugin to mitigate brute force attacks and hardening WordPress Important Note: This release brings a lot of changes to the code – let me know if something goes wrong via support form. You can roll back to the last stable version here: Downloads. New: Added Reason column on the Lockouts screen which will [...]

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Plugin Inspector

Want to know more about plugins you have installed on your blog? The Plugin Inspector plugin is an easy way to check plugins installed on your WordPress and make sure that plugins do not use deprecated WordPress functions and some unsafe functions like eval, base64_decode, system, exec, etc. Some of those functions may be used [...]


WP Cerber 1.8 with full support fail2ban

What’s new in the best plugin to mitigate brute force attacks and hardening WordPress New! added Hostname column for the User Activity and Lockouts tabs. New! added ability to write all failed login attempts to the specified file or to the syslog file. Use it to protect site with fail2ban. Note: you need root access to the server to [...]