WP Cerber 1.6 with new dashboard widget

New: beautiful widget for the dashboard to keep an eye on things. Get quick analytic with trends over 24 hours and ability to manually deactivate Citadel mode. French translation added, thanks to hardesfred. Hardening WordPress. Removed automatically redirection from /login/ to the login page, from /admin/ and /dashboard/ to the [...]

Security Blog

How to rename wp-login.php

WP Cerber lets you easily and safely change the default login page wp-login.php to whatever you want. In other words, you can set up your own custom login URL and hide wp-login.php from automated attacks. You don’t need to edit .htaccess file manually or rename your actual wp-login.php file. With WP Cerber you can do it in several [...]


WP Cerber 1.3

Fix issue with hanging up during redirect to /wp-admin/ on some circumstance. Fix minor issue with limit login attempts for non-admin users. Add Date of registration column on the Users screen in dashboard. Some UI improvements on access-list screen. Performance optimization & code refactoring.


WP Cerber 1.1

Add ability to filter out Activity List by IP, username or particular event. You can see what happens and when it happened with particular IP or username. When IP reaches limit login attempts and when it was blocked. Add protection from adding to the Black IP Access List subnet belongs to current user’s session IP. Add option to [...]