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  • Block IP based on failed Captcha? 05/23/2017 1:10:00 PM
    Replies: 2 First of all, thank you for a great plugin. I’m so impressed by the attempted break-in data I’m collecting, and protection I’m receiving that I donated to the plugin today. Despite some people having trouble getting locked out I’m confident you’ll get it fixed once you find a reasonable user to troubleshoot with who is experiencing the rare problem. 🙂 I am amazed at the number of reCaptcha failures I’m getting from the same IP addresses trying to obviously break into my site. Is there a way for you to add a ‘Block IP address after x number of reCAPTCHA verification failed events?” Since, technically these are break in attempts, and they ARE logged in the activity log, do you have enough info (IP address) to block them? Thanks again for your hard work! This topic was modified 22 hours, 39 minutes ago by avpman.
  • <span class="resolved" aria-label="Resolved" title="Topic is resolved."></span>‘posted by ‘ helps attackers to guess valid login 05/23/2017 8:24:00 AM
    Replies: 4 Hi would be nice +feat to have an option that removes any (valid) username/login reference from posts/pages, seems the removal of ‘posted by’ infos is still a general ‘wanted’ without solution (the custom CSS trick is not a way really) thx
  • <span class="resolved" aria-label="Resolved" title="Topic is resolved."></span>Flush Logs 05/23/2017 5:10:00 AM
    Replies: 2 How can i flush all Cerber Logs? This topic was modified 1 day, 6 hours ago by peneu76.
  • <span class="resolved" aria-label="Resolved" title="Topic is resolved."></span>Call to undefined function json_last_error() 05/21/2017 3:04:00 AM
    Replies: 3 I’ve started seeing the following errors in my error logs: PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function json_last_error() in /wp-content/plugins/wp-cerber/cerber-lab.php:106 Stack trace: #0 /wp-content/plugins/wp-cerber/cerber-lab.php(66): lab_send_request(Array) #1 /wp-content/plugins/wp-cerber/cerber-lab.php(385): lab_api_send_request() #2 /wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(298): cerber_push_lab('') #3 /wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(323): WP_Hook->apply_filters(NULL, Array) #4 /wp-includes/plugin.php(453): WP_Hook->do_action(Array) #5 /wp-includes/load.php(677): do_action('shutdown') #6 [internal function]: shutdown_action_hook() #7 {main} thrown in /wp-content/plugins/wp-cerber/cerber-lab.php on line 106 I’m using WP Cerber 4.7.7. This has been causing some 500 errors for some requests. These errors started after enabling Cerber Lab connection -> Send malicious IP addresses to the Cerber Lab. Disabling this has resulted
  • <span class="resolved" aria-label="Resolved" title="Topic is resolved."></span>Disable REST API (Cerber v4.7.7) &amp; WP v4.7.5 broken? 05/19/2017 10:17:00 PM
    Replies: 9 Using the above versions the Disable REST API feature doesn’t work with my site. Want to test your site to see if it’s working? Go to . (Do you see a wall of text? If so please post to confirm). This plugin is working, with Cerber Disable REST API unchecked, but hoping Cerber get’s updated for this issue:
  • <span class="resolved" aria-label="Resolved" title="Topic is resolved."></span>Site Blocked my IP, now can’t login. 05/19/2017 3:11:00 AM
    Replies: 28 WP Cerber has no indication of why this is happening anywhere in the config, plugin, etc. I am now permanently banned from my own site with no way of resolving the issue. Even uninstalling WP cerber does not allow computers on my home network to connect to my wordpress installation in the cloud. I mistyped my username. WP Cerber was set to immediately block IP after inputting non-existent username. In Cerber activity it shows that my IP was blocked. Cerber blocked list does not indicate that any IPs are blocked. Still cant connect to my WP unless I use my phone’s hotspot to give my laptop internet, instead of home router. Is there a way “behind the scenes” to reset this permission- or to change whatever file WP cerber modified to block access? As of now this is completely destructive with no ability to resolve. Disgusting. This topic was modified 5 days, 8 hours ago by videogamerumors.
  • Updated to 4.7.7 and reCAPTCHA broke 05/17/2017 12:25:00 AM
    Replies: 4 Hi there. I recently updated WPCerber to 4.7.7 and it broke my reCAPTCHA. I could no longer login at all (it would just keep saying I wasn’t human). I disabled WPCerber plugin, refreshed my browser and was logged in automatically. Checking out the new settings for reCAPTCHA, I tied disabling and reenabling it, I tried generating new keys form google, and I tied both the visible and invisible methods using proper keys from google. Each time, I get the message “ERROR: Request to the Google reCAPTCHA service failed” on the WPCerber reCAPTCHA settings page. It worked fine before the update, and recaptcha is working fine in Ninja Forms plugin which has its own reCAPTCHA config. In case its relevant, I am running WordPress on IIS/Windows on our own servers, and there are no restrictions to accessing the reCAPTCHA web service – as I mentioned, it works fine from another plugin and I can access it fine form web browsers on the server. Help? This topic was modified 1 week ago by bran
  • <span class="resolved" aria-label="Resolved" title="Topic is resolved."></span>People can still find my custom login page… 05/11/2017 7:30:00 PM
    Replies: 3 Hi. Recently installed Cerber Security for general security and most importantly the ability disable wp-admin and rename it to something else. No one knows about the site yet, but somehow people found the custom login page and are attempting to login with non-existent usernames. How did they find this out? is wp-admin still active somehow?
  • <span class="resolved" aria-label="Resolved" title="Topic is resolved."></span>Can’t login because of re-captcha 05/11/2017 2:19:00 PM
    Replies: 2 I think I put wrong keys, and now I can’t login. I tried downloading your plugin reset, uploading it to plugins directory, but that didn’t do much. No idea what to do now…
  • <span class="resolved" aria-label="Resolved" title="Topic is resolved."></span>reCAPTCHA on Contact Form? 05/11/2017 11:33:00 AM
    Replies: 1 I searched for this answer because I thought I posted the question before but nothing came up. My site theme has a built-in “Contact us” form which is customization. Is there any way to add Cerber’s reCaptcha to it or do I need another plugin? Thanks for all your hard work.
  • <span class="resolved" aria-label="Resolved" title="Topic is resolved."></span>Why force MyISAM? 05/11/2017 1:31:00 AM
    Replies: 1 Is there a particular reason that you are forcing the MyISAM engine on tables? This breaks compatibility with Percona XtraDB Cluster. Why not use the default engine that WP is using? Are you doing something that is incompatible with InnoDB?
  • <span class="resolved" aria-label="Resolved" title="Topic is resolved."></span>I think I found some bugs… 05/09/2017 1:16:00 PM
    Replies: 17 Hello! I think I may have found some bugs. I disabled wp-login.php but I saw that even though it returns my theme’s 404 error, it changes the color of my background to white. I also disabled wp-admin but I saw that visiting it it returns a 404 error, but my menu gets pushed a little down, as it would if I was logged in as admin, so it can show the wordpress admib bar. No wordpress menu is shown of course as I visited as a visitor, so it’s there’s just a blank space there. Then I was testing out the Subscribe button so I can get email notifications for user activity (logged in/logged out etc…). After a day, I decided to unsubscribe from the “logged out” function, but the button shows “Subscribe” instead of “Unsubscribe”. What I undestood is that if you leave the page and return to it at a later time, it always show “Subscribe”. So, I decided to press subscribe again so I can instantly get the unsubscribe button to appear. I pressed unsubscribe but I still get emails, maybe f
  • LOGIN ERROR with BUDDYPRESS 05/08/2017 5:15:00 PM
    Replies: 2 Hi @gioni I have detected the following little error. It is generated when BUDDYPRESS is activated. If BUDDYPRESS is not activated all will run well. Following I give you details of error. If you do logout when you are into dashboard area (www.yourweb.coom/wp-admin), you will be redirected to the following URL: Now, from this page, if you do log in with an user administrator all will run well and you will redirected to the dashboard ( But If you from the this page: do log in with an suscriber user, it will happens something strange… You will not redirected in DASHBOARD, you will stay in the same page: and it seams you are not logged in… but it is not so… your SUSCRIBER USER now is LOGGED IN. If you delete from URL “wp-login/?loggedout=true” and let only “” and refresh you browser you will be
  • <span class="resolved" aria-label="Resolved" title="Topic is resolved."></span>Backend access unavailable in other countries 05/08/2017 2:59:00 PM
    Replies: 3 Users in Canada and USA are unable to login to the backend despite having valid credentials. I have whitelisted their public IP’s. wp-cerber is not showing any blocks against any IP addresses. We are running the site in “coming soon mode” as we don’t want it indexed or viewed by anyone other than site reviewers until we are ready to go live.
  • <span class="resolved" aria-label="Resolved" title="Topic is resolved."></span>Cerber not logging activity 05/08/2017 2:14:00 PM
    Replies: 13 The Cerber Activity log is empty. How do I get it to log successful logins. I need to track who is coming and going. Thanks!!

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