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  • German LogIn Page now in english 09/22/2017 6:12:00 PM
    Replies: 0 I use the german wordpress 4.8.2. Since Cerber 5.1 the LogIn/logOut-page is in english. And i get no emails about a new user-registration any more. The first information that I get from a new reistration is the email that someone changed his passwort. What Do I Have to Do?
  • “Lockouts increasing” warning with custom login page 09/21/2017 8:09:00 PM
    Replies: 0 Hello: I received today a lot of email warnings from WP-Cerber saying that “The number of lockouts is increasing”. The emails say that the reason for the lockout is that someone tried to log into my site using the “admin” username, which doesn’t exist. Here is the problem, though: I have set up a custom login URL, and I’m positive that I didn’t share it with anyone. Therefore, I’d like to know when do these lockouts and warnings get triggered: is it when someone tries to log in using my custom URL? Or do they get triggered too if someone tries to log in using the standard /wp-admin/ address? Because in the first case, it would mean that someone guessed my custom URL, but I find that impossible. Thanks.
  • web form spam injection protection 09/21/2017 10:56:00 AM
    Replies: 2 Does wp-cerber provide protection against spam injection on web form elements (i.e. contact form)?
  • Conflict with “User Switching” plugin as of 5.1 09/20/2017 8:48:00 PM
    Replies: 0 As of updating to Cerber 5.1 on our dev sites, the User Switching plugin can no longer be used switch between users. Rather, it just logs you out when you click “Switch User” There were no conflicts while using Cerber 5.0.
  • IFTTT and Zapier 09/20/2017 1:29:00 PM
    Replies: 0 Hi – Cerber is great, many thanks for making this plugin. I’m trying to connect IFTTT (also tried this with Zapier), and it is not letting me connect. I am wondering if this is an issue with the ‘custom’ wp-admin url that Cerber allows. I have disabled all the ‘hardening’ features for the moment since xml-rpc is needed, I believe. I have 2FA but have made an application specific password. Still won’t connect tho. Any thoughts would be really appreciated to get this connection option progressed. Many thanks in advance, Ade.
  • reCaptcha on contact form 09/19/2017 12:00:00 PM
    Replies: 1 reCaptcha works fine on my login screen. I would like to add it to my web contact form as well. Have checked every possible box in the settings, but it doesn’t work/appear on the form…Do I need to add anything to my code as well – like Google explains on their reCaptcha setup page? Or should wp-cerber do the job automatically? The form is a simple hand-coded version on my contact page…Thanks in advance for your help / advise. Kind regards
  • All customized login code + functionality are gone after update 09/19/2017 10:49:00 AM
    Replies: 2 We use custom login codes in our functions.php, like this: function custom_login_headerlink(){ $url = bloginfo('url'); echo $url; } add_filter('login_headerurl','custom_login_headerlink'); function custom_login_logo() { echo ' xxxxxsome css stylesxxxxxxxxx '; } add_action('login_head', 'custom_login_logo'); After the latest update, none of that works! This is terrible, we have an ugly wordpress logo there that points to instead of our company logo + link.
  • Own Login CSS doesn’t work 09/18/2017 7:43:00 PM
    Replies: 5 I can’t use the WP Cerber Plugin anymore, because we are using an own login stylesheet. I use a child the with an own functions PHP and I load an own stylesheet for the login page with: // Update CSS within for Login Page function my_custom_login() { echo ‘’; } add_action(‘login_head’, ‘my_custom_login’); Since the last update op WP Cerber this doesn’t work anymore. This is absolutely necessary for our websites so I can’t use your plugin anymore. Please fix that bug!!!
  • Spam form submission denied? 09/18/2017 1:49:00 PM
    Replies: 1 Hello. I keep getting a “Spam form submission denied” in Cerber each time I visit my site and the URL given is: Also, the IP appears always the same even though I have dynamic IP and not static. This is because I use Cloudflare, as far as I can understand. Can you please advice on this issue? Thank you.
  • After Update 5.1 Login-Page change Language 09/18/2017 6:54:00 AM
    Replies: 1 After updating to 5.1, the user-defined login page has changed from English to English. How to get the German registration page again? Greeting Websven
  • 5.1 not compatible with 5.1 09/14/2017 3:09:00 PM
    Replies: 2 Good afternoon, Since your last version 5.1, there is a compatibility issue with Google Authenticator. The issue is that when normally the field will show up where you can enter your Google Authenticator code, now there is no field to enter any code. But worse, you can enter without any code if you have the right password and username of course. Rolling back to 5.0 solves the problem. But of course in any newer versions of your excellent plug-in, it would be nice to be able to use Google Authenticator again. Regards, Olaf
  • Captcha problem on login page since 5.1 09/13/2017 5:42:00 PM
    Replies: 2 This plugin no longer works on the login page: If I disable cerber, it works fine. Started happening with 5.1 update. I’ve seen others reporting cerber interfering with login page modifying plugins. It seems related to the “antispam” engine. I also had a problem with the same captcha on a contact form and it started working again when I disabled AJAX (turned on safe mode) with the “spam engine for contact forms” on. I would like to request an option to completely turn off the “antispam” engine since it seems to create problems and it overlaps existing functionality of other plugins. Alternatively, fixing the interference issues on the login page would be great. Thanks
  • Problem with authorization page 09/13/2017 5:13:00 PM
    Replies: 2 From yesterday (2017/09/12) I have such a problem: i see empty authorization page and can login in to my wp-site only through cpanel. If i change authorization page to standart (wp-login.php) – everything is OK. WP version 4.8.1 and Cerber 5.1. I update Cerber two days ago and after that start the problem. This topic was modified 1 week, 2 days ago by tamak.
  • Problems porting to laptop (local development) 09/12/2017 6:46:00 PM
    Replies: 3 Hi, We’ve been using your plug-in for a while on our web site and it’s worked great. However, when I ported the web site to my laptop for local development, things got a little glitchy. PROBLEM 1: With the WP-Cerber plug-in enabled, I could not log into WordPress on my laptop. The error received was: "The requested URL / (hidden URL) was not found on this server" I tried to disable the plugin by downloading the, moving the wp-cerber.php plugin to the wp-content/plugins/wp-cerber folder, then attempted to log in via the /wp-login.php script. I received another error: "Error thrown" Call to undefined function deactivate_plugin() PROBLEM 2: So I went back to my production site, disabled the WP-CERBER plug-in, then backed up and downloaded the site, re-installing it on my laptop. I accessed the site on my laptop as a user. It worked. I logged into the site on my laptop as an administrator. It worked. I then activated the WP-CERBER plug-in
  • PHP Notice: Undefined index: REQUEST_METHOD in v5.1 09/12/2017 5:33:00 PM
    Replies: 2 Running wp-cron.php as a CronJob produces the following notices which is really, really annoying: PHP Notice: Undefined index: REQUEST_METHOD in …/wp-content/plugins/wp-cerber/wp-cerber.php on line 1247 PHP Notice: Undefined index: REQUEST_METHOD in …/wp-content/plugins/wp-cerber/wp-cerber.php on line 1256 This is since version 5.1, PHP 7.1.9. I have now fixed it by checking the existence with isset(). But I would be glad to see it fixed in an upcoming version as well 😉

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