WP Cerber Security 8.9

This version brings a lot of small but important changes and updates to many parts of WP Cerber, but primarily to the malware scanner. Almost all aspects of file scanning have been improved and optimized. It means fewer false positives, more precise risk analysis, and better scan performance. Although most of them are under the hood, we [...]


WP Cerber Security 8.8.5

This version brings improvements to many WP Cerber’s admin pages. The pages became responsive and are rendered in an agile fashion. The database queries have been optimized, and its number has been reduced. New admin features Quick user activity analytics (user insights) with filtering links on the Activity and Live Traffic log [...]


WP Cerber Security 8.8.3

New login security features Disabling the default WordPress user authentication through the wp-login.php and using it as a honeypot When enabled, WP Cerber prevents any user authentication even with correct usernames and passwords. After an attempt to log in, WP Cerber shows the default incorrect password error message mimicking the [...]


WP Cerber Security 8.8

We are excited to announce a major release of WP Cerber that brings several new features and multiple important improvements to many algorithms and parts of the plugin. Some of the features are available in the professional version of the plugin only. Application passwords management done right You get control over the use of WordPress [...]


WP Cerber Security 8.7

This version brings multiple code improvements to WP Cerber’s security algorithms and new features that enable you to manage concurrent user sessions in several ways. Limiting the number of allowed concurrent user sessions You can choose from two available policies to enforce if the specified limit is reached. One terminates the [...]


WP Cerber Security 8.6.8

The coronavirus pandemic is not an excuse; we continue developing new versions of WP Cerber and supporting our customers. This version brings the following features and improvements. New shortcode to display WP Cerber’s cookies Using the new shortcode you can display a list of browser cookies set by WP Cerber. See several examples [...]


WP Cerber Security 8.6.7

We continue to develop and improve WP Cerber to deliver better security, reliability, and performance to your WordPress powered websites. This version brings many small but important improvements to the plugin code and a few bug fixes. New features In the professional version of WP Cerber, you can now permit user registrations for IP [...]


My custom 404 page does not work

When you configure how WP Cerber blocks unauthorized access to the default login page and your WordPress dashboard, you can select how to render the 404 pages for those locations. It can be either a simple, plain 404 page or a custom 404 page styled and rendered by the active theme or even a visual WordPress page builder. Unfortunately, [...]