WordPress Security

Plugin Inspector

Want to know more about plugins you have installed on your blog? The Plugin Inspector plugin is an easy way to check plugins installed on your WordPress and make sure that plugins do not use deprecated WordPress functions and some unsafe functions like eval, base64_decode, system, exec, etc. Some of those functions may be used [...]


WP Cerber Security 1.8

What’s new in the best plugin to mitigate brute force attacks and hardening WordPress New! added Hostname column for the User Activity and Lockouts tabs. New! added ability to write all failed login attempts to the specified file or to the syslog file. Use it to protect site with fail2ban. Note: you need root access to the server to [...]


WP Cerber Security 1.7

Added ability to remove old records from the user activity log automatically. Check out Keep records for field on the settings page. This setting determines how many days’ WP Cerber will keep log records. Log will be cleaned up automatically on a schedule. Added pagination for the User Activity and the Lockouts screens. Added ability to [...]


WP Cerber Security 1.6

New: beautiful widget for the dashboard to keep an eye on things. Get quick analytic with trends over 24 hours and ability to manually deactivate Citadel mode. French translation added, thanks to hardesfred. Hardening WordPress. Removed automatically redirection from /login/ to the login page, from /admin/ and /dashboard/ to the [...]


WP Cerber Security 1.5

New feature you’re will love it: importing and exporting settings and access lists from/to the file. Limited notifications in the dashboard.   WordPress Security Deleting personal data Help What is RID and how to use it WordPress Security Managing WordPress application passwords a hassle-free way WordPress Security How to [...]


WP Cerber Security 1.4

Added support Multisite mode. Added Number of comments column on the Users screen in dashboard. Updated notification settings. Updated languages files. WordPress Security Browser cookies set by WP Cerber WordPress Security Cloudflare add-on for WP Cerber WordPress Security WordPress 5.4.1. A security update fixes seven XSS [...]


WP Cerber Security 1.3

Fix issue with hanging up during redirect to /wp-admin/ on some circumstance. Fix minor issue with limit login attempts for non-admin users. Add Date of registration column on the Users screen in dashboard. Some UI improvements on access-list screen. Performance optimization & code refactoring. WordPress Security Deleting personal [...]