WP Cerber Security 7.5

What’s new in the Traffic Inspector firewall New. The firewall algorithms have been improved and now inspect the contents of all files that are being tried to upload on a website. It inspects files for a malicious payload and delete a file if it contains malware code. This protects the website against code execution attack through [...]


Contact Form 7 are not working

If your Contact Form 7 form doesn’t work, you need to add a namespace exception for REST API on the Hardening tab. Enter contact-form-7 in the Allow these namespaces setting field as shown on the screenshot below. WordPress Security WordPress 5.4.1. A security update fixes seven XSS vulnerabilities WordPress Security Cloudflare [...]


WP Cerber Security 7.2

Cerber Security Scanner has got new features Monitoring new and changed files (what scanner scans and detects) Monitoring changes, detecting malicious redirections and directives in .htaccess files A new detector for Base64 encoded strings quickly detects obfuscated malware code and trojans Automated hourly and daily scheduled [...]


Cerber Security 7.0

We’re proud to announce a new version of the plugin with a new security tool: Cerber Security Scanner. Some people might say “Hey guys, you make this neat plugin bulky”. No worries, we keep security algorithms properly optimized and as fast as they can be. All upcoming and new features will not slow down your websites. It’s our [...]

Development Versions

Development version 6.9

We’ve got good news to share! Cerber Security is known as a constantly evolving security solution and every new version of the plugin delivers better value. Now we’re tickled to announce a new development version with a new security tool: Cerber Security Scanner. You can download this stable version by using the link below. [...]


WP Cerber Security 6.7.5

Improvements A new button View Activity has been added to the user edit page in the WordPress dashboard. Miscellaneous code optimizations: performance of database routines and SQL queries have been improved. Updates A new translation to the Swedish language has been added. Thanks to Fredrik Näslund. The Polish language translation have [...]

Development Versions

Development version 6.7.3

This is a bug fix version. A small bug in the Black Access List algorithm is fixed. The bug: if you add the wildcard *.*.*.* entry (all IPv4 addresses) to the Black IP Access List, all form submissions including any login form will be denied with the request forbidden message and HTTP 403 code no matter what IP addresses the White IP [...]


WP Cerber Security 6.7

Improvements Antispam engine algorithms have been updated to improve AJAX requests handling and reduce false positives. Improved compatibility with WooCommerce, Formidable Forms, Gravity Forms and AJAX file upload. Regular expressions are now available for the Traffic Inspector Request whitelist and Antispam Query whitelist. To specify a [...]