WP Cerber 2.9

What is new? Added ability to check and block prohibited usernames (logins). You can specify list of usernames (logins) on a new settings tab called Users. The plugin will immediately block any attempt to log in and will lock out any IP address have tried to use those logins. It’s recommended to have at least following [...]

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Know more about intruder’s IP

To enable retrieving, check option: Drill down IP. To view the information click on a particular IP address on the Activity tab. Technical details To get extra information like country, company, network info and abuse contact WP Cerber uses requests to a limited set of external WHOIS servers which are maintained by appropriate [...]

Security Blog

Plugin Inspector

Want to know more about plugins you have installed on your blog? The Plugin Inspector plugin is an easy way to check plugins installed on your WordPress and make sure that plugins do not use deprecated WordPress functions and some unsafe functions like eval, base64_decode, system, exec, etc. Some of those functions may be used [...]