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WP Cerber has got 20,000 active installs

Today WP Cerber, five star rated security plugin surpassed 20,000 active installs according to the plugin repository. That means the plugin has more than twenty thousand happy customers. And they confirm that: Read what people are saying. Merry Christmas my friends!

WP Cerber is a very special project to me. I’ve been actively developing it all this year and have ensured that I’ve provided the best free support I could, adding new features and prioritizing future development. Thanks guys for trusting me with the protection of your sites, stores and blogs. Together we are creating more secure WordPress powered sites.

And yes, don’t forget to follow Cerber’s Facebook page or Cerber’s page on Google +.

What is WP Cerber, anyway? WP Cerber is a free and essential security plugin that protect WordPress powered sites around the world. Do you want get even more protected website and transform it into fortress? Follow this security rules and recommendations.

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