WP Cerber Security 4.1

New New setting Date format field allows you to specify a desirable format for displaying dates and time. To specify a format use special characters from the list: Recognizable characters in the Date format setting Updates Updated code for ‘registration_errors’ filter to handle errors right way. The French translation has been updated. [...]


WP Cerber Security 4.0

English version: WP Cerber Security 4.0 Nouvelles fonctionnalités reCAPTCHA pour les formulaires WooCommerce. Comment configurer reCAPTCHA . Les listes d'accès IP prennent en charge les réseaux IP sous trois formes : possibilité de restreindre l'accès avec des plages IPv4, notation CIDR IPv4 et sous-réseaux IPv4 : A, B, C ont été [...]


WP Cerber Security 3.0

Welcome a new version with reCAPTCHA and WordPress hooks that allow you to fine tune Cerber better Now you can use Google reCAPTCHA to protect WordPress registration form from spam registrations. Also reCAPTCHA available for lost password and login forms. How to setup reCAPTCHA. The registration process, WordPress registration [...]

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WP Cerber Security Hooks

A list of WordPress hooks available in WP Cerber version 3.0 and above. It’s handy to use them to customize and fine tune Cerber without coding (e.g. with the plugin). Filters cerber_msg_reached Applied to the message that is displayed for a user if the user has reached the limit to the number of login attempts. The [...]

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Pourquoi reCAPTCHA ne protège pas WordPress contre les robots et les attaques par force brute

English version: Why reCAPTCHA does not protect WordPress against bots and brute-force attacks Au fait, qu’est-ce que reCAPTCHA ? Le reCAPTCHA de Google est un mécanisme de vérification humaine créé et maintenu par Google en tant que service Web gratuit. WP Cerber prend en charge reCAPTCHA pour les formulaires WooCommerce et [...]

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Cloudflare et WP Cerber

If your site is behind the Cloudflare proxy service and your WordPress is protected by the WP Cerber plugin, you have to do two things to let them work well together. Enable My site is behind a reverse proxy on the Main Settings page. If you have configured the Custom login URL, you have to exclude it from caching by Cloudflare’s [...]