Privacy Policy

This website is owned and operated by Cerber Tech, Inc.

We take your privacy and our reputation very seriously. We understand you trust us with the protection of your website, and we are committed to maintaining a safe, secure, and trusted approach to website protection and data processing.

Our software (WP Cerber Security plugin) and our cloud servers do not collect personal information or any sensitive data.

When you use our software on a website, it may send the IP address of a website visitor to our cloud servers to check the IP address against our database of malicious IP addresses. None of those IP addresses are sent to third-party servers or processed by third-party software.

Access to data and code on the company’s servers is restricted based on the principle of least privilege, and we use several authentication technologies to further protect it.

For more specific concerns, please take the time to read the full text of our Privacy Policy.

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I'm a software engineer and team lead at Cerber Tech. I started coding in 1993 on IBM System/370 and today software engineering at Cerber Tech is how I make my living.