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WordPress Security
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Deleting personal data

Depending on configuration during its normal operations WP Cerber can accumulate information in the website database. This information can be considered as personal data in terms of applicable privacy law (such as GDPR). All that data can be deleted as well as exported by a user request from within the WordPress dashboard with easy, no database tools are needed.

To start using a personal data erase feature in WP Cerber, you need to enable it in the plugin settings. Go to the User Policies admin page and click the Global tab. Scroll to the Personal Data section. Click Enable data erase. If the privacy law under what personal data on your website is being processed threats IP addresses as personal data (like GDPR does), you need to enable “Delete user sessions data when users data is erased”. You should do that because WordPress stores users’ IP addresses in a session record which is created when a user logs into a website. The standard WordPress erase tool doesn’t delete these IP addresses.

Erase WordPress personal data GDPR

Using the WordPress Erase Personal Data tool

Once you’ve enabled the erase feature, you can use the WordPress Erase Personal Data tool which is located under the Tools / Erase Personal Data menu.

Erasing personal data GDPR WordPress

What data is deleted

Once a request to delete personal data has been added and processed by a website admin, WP Cerber finds a WordPress user with the email address provided in the request. If the user is found, all the entries in the Cerber’s log relating to the user are deleted when you click the Erase Personal Data button. If “Delete user sessions data when users data is erased” is enabled, all user sessions will be terminated and all sessions data will be deleted as well.

How to empty WP Cerber’s log tables

There is an alternative way that enables you to completely erase all data in the log tables, read more: How to clean up the activity and live traffic logs

How to block a user

Once you’ve erased the personal data of a user, you can block the user to prevent them from logging in and processing their personal data again.

Recommended settings for GDPR

Enable both settings: “Enable data erase” and “Terminate user sessions”.

What versions of software you need

The tool described above is available since WordPress 4.9.6 and WP Cerber 8.5.8

Does WP Cerber plugin process personal data in a cloud?

The WP Cerber plugin doesn’t send to or process personal data in any cloud. We take your privacy, privacy your users and our reputation very seriously. We’re a firm believer that any personal data or sensitive technical information cannot be processed or stored on our servers.

What’s next

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Have any questions?

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