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Cloudflare add-on for WP Cerber

This optional add-on brings an additional security measure for your WordPress by providing integration with the Cloudflare cloud-based firewall. When enabled, it adds and removes IP addresses blocked by WP Cerber to and from the Cloudflare IP Access Rules continuously. This prevents malicious IP addresses from accessing the entire [...]


WP Cerber Security 7.9

We continue to improve the WP Cerber Security algorithms in responding to new cybersecurity threats and risks. Here is what you get in this version. New features Traffic Inspector has got a new error monitoring tool that works as an additional security layer. The plugin monitors suspicious requests that cause 4xx and 5xx HTTP errors and [...]


Legitimate requests are being blocked

Protecting your website, during its normal operations, WP Cerber inspects all incoming requests to your website and blocks suspicious and harmful ones. On rare occasions, WP Cerber might erroneously block legitimate requests and prevents the website from functioning correctly. If you see legitimate requests that are denied as [...]


WP Cerber Security 6.1

In case you missed: version 6.0 announcement. Improvements Traffic Inspector has got a Request White List setting. To exclude a particular request from inspection specify a request string without the website domain and query string (GET parameters). Read more. An Activity filter has been added to the Advanced search form on the Traffic [...]

Security Blog

Traffic Inspector in a nutshell

Traffic Inspector analyzes incoming HTTP requests, recognizes suspicious, and blocks them before they can harm your website. This security algorithm is enabled by default and in the vast majority of cases requires no configuration. When Traffic Inspector is enabled, the firewall analyzes and blocks malicious and potentially [...]


WP Cerber Security 6.0

New features Hacker attacks on websites get stronger and smarter because fast-growing technologies create new opportunities for hackers and cybercriminals. We cannot ignore those facts and that’s the reason we’ve implemented a new feature: Traffic Inspector. It’s a specialized request inspection algorithm that acts as additional [...]