WP Cerber Security 8.6.8

The coronavirus pandemic is not an excuse; we continue developing new versions of WP Cerber and supporting our customers. This version brings the following features and improvements. New shortcode to display WP Cerber’s cookies Using the new shortcode you can display a list of browser cookies set by WP Cerber. See several examples [...]

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Browser cookies set by WP Cerber

When WP Cerber is installed on your website it can generate and set several browser cookies with the sole purpose of securing your website by detecting and mitigating malicious activity. All these cookies have randomly generated names and contain randomly generated values. No personal or sensitive data is stored in the cookies. Those [...]

Security Blog

Deleting personal data

Depending on configuration during its normal operations WP Cerber can accumulate information in the website database. This information can be considered as personal data in terms of applicable privacy law (such as GDPR). All that data can be deleted as well as exported by a user request from within the WordPress dashboard with easy, no [...]