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How to block a WordPress user

In this post, we explain how to disable a WordPress user account without deleting it. You can do it with WP Cerber Security in a few clicks.

Once a user has been blocked, the user will not be able to log into the website. If you block a logged in user, the user will be automatically logged out. You can block any user except yourself on the user profile page.

To block a user

  1. Go to the Users dashboard page
  2. Find the user you want to block
  3. Open the user profile page by clicking the Edit link
  4. Click a Block User checkbox
  5. Enter an optional message for the user. If you leave this field empty, the default message “You are not allowed to log in” will be shown to the user if they try to log in.
Blocking a WordPress user on the user profile page

Blocking a WordPress user on the user profile page

Note: If you use a heavily customized login form, the user message might not be displayed.

Managing blocked user accounts

On the Users admin page, you can easily filter out and manage blocked users. All blocked users are tagged with a BLOCKED tag in the Username column. To filter out all blocked users click the Blocked Users link. To view the user activity log, click the date in the Last login column.

Blocking WordPress Users

Blocked WordPress Users in the Dashboard

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