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About Cerber Laboratory

Cerber Laboratory is a dedicated forensic team within the Cerber Tech company. The lab was founded by the developers of the WP Cerber Security plugin. This team studies and analyzes patterns of hacker attacks, malware, and vulnerabilities in popular plugins, aiming to understand how these threats target WordPress-powered websites.

At Cerber Lab, we are convinced that the key to a robust defense and unparalleled protection lies in collective efforts. It is noteworthy that hacker groups, lurking in the hidden corners of the web, are not only well-organized but also use sophisticated automated tools. We match their sophistication with our own advanced techniques.

Recognizing this challenge, we have developed a cloud-based database of malicious IP addresses and known malware signatures. It’s this database that empowers the professional version of WP Cerber to counteract hacker assaults on WordPress so effectively. We’ve deployed a global network of servers, strategically located across various internet zones, working in harmony as a redundant system.

Our cloud servers monitor attacks on WordPress-powered sites in real-time, detecting malicious activities from millions of harmful IPs, botnets, compromised servers, and smart devices worldwide. The insights from this surveillance enable us to keep the WP Cerber algorithms up to date, ensuring our clients’ websites remain protected against emerging cyber threats.

# Location IP address Protocols supported Operational status
1 Frankfurt, Germany HTTP/HTTPS Active
2 New York, USA HTTP/HTTPS Active
3 Los Angeles, USA HTTP/HTTPS Active
4 London, England HTTP/HTTPS Active
5 Singapore HTTP/HTTPS Active
6 Sydney, Australia HTTP/HTTPS Active
7 Toronto, Canada HTTP/HTTPS Active

Check the uptime performance:

Private data remains private

We at Cerber Tech take your privacy and our reputation very seriously. Our software does not collect any personal, sensitive, or website usage data in any form. Our cloud database processes and stores malicious IP addresses and their malicious activity for a short period of time.

If you have other concerns, please take the time to read our Privacy Policy.

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