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A better way to automate WordPress

Meet the jetFlow automation plugin from the developer you can trust

I am pleased to announce an absolutely new automation plugin that has recently arrived. The jetFlow plugin is an automation tool that brings power of workflows to your WordPress powered site. This new plugin allows you to automate almost any task or business process without coding knowledge.

Furthermore, you can fine tune any aspect of your site connecting workflows with WordPress actions and filters!

List of some amazing features of the plugin

  • Visual workflow editor allows to automate tasks without coding knowledge
  • High performance engine that makes possible having as many workflows as you need
  • Easy form builder creates and processes form data on the fly
  • Built-in record storage to store and retrieve data during the execution of workflow with import and export
  • Track events with powerful event logging system
  • Flexible set of restrictions to control who can start a workflow and when the workflow can be executed
  • Export and import workflows in one click

Check out a bunch of screenshots or find out more and download the plugin.

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