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WP Cerber 4.8.2

This is a bug fixing version.

Bugs fixed

  • A reason of blocking an IP address is not shown in notification emails if Always block entire subnet Class C of intruders IP is selected in the settings.
  • An IP address from a range may be locked out if you have overlapping IP ranges in the both IP Access Lists. That means you or your users might be locked out of your site. Affected version: WP Cerber 4.8.

Minor changes

  • Starting with this version of the plugin all database tables will be created with a default database engine. It should be InnoDB. To figure out what engine is being used go to the Tools -> Show diagnostic information section and inspect Engine info for the tables.
  • To improve compatibility with some plugins the email notification function has been updated and now uses the comma-separated list of email addresses instead of an array.

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