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Development version

WP Cerber Security is constantly evolving and getting new features. If you'd like to get the latest features and bug fixes, you need to download and install the development version of the plugin

Use this link to download the latest (development) version of WP Cerber to your computer:

or download the latest version in a ZIP archive from this page:

How to install the development version

  1. Download the plugin ZIP archive to your computer
  2. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard
  3. Click the Add New submenu under the Plugins admin menu
  4. Click the Upload Plugin button located next to the page title
  5. Select the downloaded archive file
  6. Click the Install Now button
  7. If you see the Activate Plugin button, click it

What is the development version?

Although it’s a development version, it’s stable and safe to use. WP Cerber is constantly evolving and improving. Every week we add a new feature or fix a bug. Some of these updates will be included in the next version of the plugin; some of them will be available after a while.

If you need to test and evaluate new features right now, download and use the latest development version using the link above. The full documentation will be available later, once the production version will be released.

What’s new in the latest development version?

Check the history here:

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