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About Cerber Laboratory

Cerber Laboratory is a forensic team behind the WP Cerber security plugin. The team studies and analyzes patterns of hacker and botnet attacks, malware, vulnerabilities in major plugins and how they are exploitable on WordPress powered websites.

We at Cerber Lab believe that successful defense and bulletproof protection are possible only by using cooperative effort. Hacker teams on the dark side of the web are well organized and use automated inventory, so do we!

For this reason, we’ve created a constantly updating database of malicious IP addresses and malware. That’s why WP Cerber with the Cerber Lab database successfully mitigates attacks and attempts to break into WordPress and user accounts and makes it impossible to conduct successful attacks.

The lab has a set of publicly available web servers (nodes) which are distributed around the world in different Internet zones. These servers collect attempts to break into WordPress powered websites from thousands of malicious IP addresses, botnets, infected websites, hacked devices around the world in real time. That helps the team to develop new algorithms to defend websites against new threats that are appearing every day.

# Location IP address Protocols supported Operational status
1 Frankfurt, Germany HTTP/ HTTPS Active
2 New York, USA HTTP/ HTTPS Active
3 Los Angeles, USA HTTP/ HTTPS Active
4 London, England HTTP/ HTTPS Active
5 Singapore HTTP Active

Private data remains private

We take your privacy and our reputation very seriously. The servers do not collect any personal, sensitive or website usage data in any form. The servers collect and store malicious IP addresses as they show on the Lockouts tab and type of malicious activity for these addresses.

How to opt-out (disable sending malicious IP addresses to the Cerber Lab)
For some reason you wish to opt-out. No problem, you can do that by unchecking the single checkbox in the settings of the plugin. Go to the WP Cerber admin page -> Main Settings tab and uncheck the Cerber Lab connection checkbox.

The Cerber Lab has been founded by the WP Cerber security plugin team in December 2016 and started operating in January 2017.

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