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Migrate from Limit Login Attempts

Reinforce your protection with the most reliable, secure and powerful plugin

If you have Limit Login Attempts plugin is installed on your WordPress and now you are ready to switch to more reliable, secure and powerful solution, you can do it in two easy steps.

  1. Install WP Cerber from the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Activate WP Cerber.
  3. Done!

It’s easy, isn’t it? That’s because WP Cerber works out of the box and imports all settings you have made with Limit Login Attempts. Know more why WP Cerber is a better alternative to Limit Login Attempts.

WP Cerber is 100% free and open source WordPress security plugin. It is available for download from the plugin repository. The plugin works out of the box and will start protecting your WordPress immediately after activation. Installation of the plugin in details.

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