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WP Cerber 4.9


  • Additional details will be logged and displayed on the Activity page: the URL of a request and decision the plugin engine had made.
  • Added a nice panel with performance indicators showing key events in the last 24 hours.
  • To improve reliability self check-up code has been added.
  • Welcome Poland! Polish translation has been added, thanks to Wojciech Górski.

Minor changes

  • Some translations (language files) have been corrected and updated.
  • Improving performance: some database related code have been optimized.
  • On a multisite WP installation scheduled tasks will be executed once per hour for the entire network: there will no excess SQL queries when the plugin executes hourly cron tasks.

Bugs fixed

  • The language for visible reCAPTCHA doesn’t set according to the site language setting. It’s always English.

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