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WP Cerber 5.0

New features

  • Cerber has got a new antispam and bot detection engine that protects comment and user registration forms from bot attacks. No reCAPTCHA is needed anymore. After several attempts bot IP will be locked out.
  • Now you can tell Cerber either to mark detected spam comments as spam or deny them completely.
  • Optionally Cerber can automatically move spam comments older than the specified amount of days to trash.

Minor changes

  • Welcome, Italy! Italian translation has been added, thanks to Francesco Venuti.
  • Added code to avoid possible conflict between Custom login URL and REST API.
  • Added the cerber_404_template filter for specifying an alternative template to the default 404 page not found template.

Bugs fixed

  • Sometimes you might see the following message in the Apache error log: WordPress database error: Table ‘…cerber_lab_net’ doesn’t exist.

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