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WP Cerber meets WordPress Coding Standards and Guidelines and doesn’t use code tricks any kind. That allows using the plugin in any hosting environments that meet WordPress requirements. Despite that, a list of compatible and incompatible plugins has been created.

Plugin / software
Compatibility note
Wordfence Compatible
Sucuri Scanner Compatible
WooCommerce Compatible
Contact Form 7 Compatible, you have to add a namespace exception contact-form-7 or enable REST API on the Hardening tab (uncheck Block access to the WordPress REST API)

Read more: Restrict access to WordPress REST API

Jetpack Compatible, you have to enable XML-RPC on the Hardening tab (uncheck Disable XML-RPC) and add a namespace exception jetpack in Disable REST API section if you’ve disabled REST API on the Hardening tab (Block access to the WordPress REST API)
bbPress Compatible
WP Multisite mode Compatible by design, all Cerber settings are global for all sites in the network
Ultimate Member Not compatible. The plugin breaks the process of user authentication.

Incompatible plugins

The following plugins can cause some issues or be a cause of conflict: Ultimate Member, WPBruiser {no- Captcha anti-Spam}, Plugin Organizer, WP-SpamShield, Limit Login Attempts Reloaded. If you use any of these plugins and come across any issue or plugin conflict, you should decide and stop using the Cerber Security plugin or one of these plugins. The Cerber Security plugin won’t be updated to fix any issue or conflict related to these plugins.


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