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Plugin works fine, but I forgot my login URL (I get 404 error instead)

If you have set up your Custom login URL and after a while forgot it, first of all, check site admin’s mailbox for a notification letter. In that letter you can find Custom login URL. If you are unable to find that letter, you need to reinstall the plugin manually following the steps bellow.

  1. Remove the plugin folder /wp-cerber/ manually by using FTP or any File Manager (hosting control panel) which is provided by your hosting provider.
  2. Log into your WordPress dashboard as usual by using default /wp-login.php login URL.
  3. Install and activate the WP Cerber plugin again.
  4. Go to the plugin Main Settings page.
  5. Check Custom login URL field. It displays your Custom login URL you have to use. Remember it!
I can't login / I'm locked out of my site

If you forgot Custom login URL, first of all, check admin’s mailbox for a notification letter from the plugin. In that letter, you will find Custom login URL.

How to log into the WordPress dashboard if nothing helps.

There is a special version of the plugin called WP Cerber Reset. This version performs just one task. It resets all WP Cerber plugin settings to initial values (excluding Access Lists) and then deactivates itself (and WP Cerber respectively).

So to get access to the dashboard you need to copy WP Cerber Reset folder to the plugins folder of your website. Follow these simple steps.

  1. Download the wp-cerber-reset.zip archive to your computer using this link: http://wpcerber.com/downloads/wp-cerber-reset.zip
  2. Unpack wp-cerber folder from the archive.
  3. Upload the wp-cerber folder to the plugins folder of your site by using FTP (or any File Manager provided by your hosting provider). If you’ll see a question about overwriting files, click Yes.
  4. Log in to your site as usually by using default /wp-login.php WordPress login page. Now WP Cerber plugin is completely disabled.
  5. Reinstall the WP Cerber plugin again. You have to do that because WP Cerber Reset can’t be acting as a normal plugin.
Some of security features aren't working as expected

When you are testing some security feature like hiding wp-login.php or /wp-admin/, please, do that from a different computer and make sure that the IP address (or subnet) of that computer is not in the White IP Access List. Check it on the Access List plugin page in the dashboard.

Note: The plugin adds a white rule for your IP subnet when you activate the plugin.

It seems that the plugin doesn't work as intended

Before you send any request to the support, please:

  1. Load default settings by using the button on the right side of the Main Settings plugin page. Those settings are safe by design.
  2. Check functionality of the plugin again.
  3. If the plugin doesn’t work as intended, check your other security plugins or server settings (e.g. firewall or extra PHP modules). Apparently, WP Cerber is unable to work due to an incompatibility issue.
  4. If the plugin works fine, apply your own desirable settings.
  5. Check functionality of the plugin again.
  6. If something went wrong, please, try to find out what else on your website or server can lead to the incompatibility issue that is related to your changes in the default plugin settings. See step 3.
  7. If you think, that nothing else can be recognized as a cause of that weird behavior, send a request to the support.

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