WP Cerber Security 7.8

New: An ignore list for the malware scanner. New: Disabling execution of PHP scripts in the WordPress media folder helps to prevent offenders from exploiting security flaws in the installed plugins and themes. The setting is on the Hardening admin page and disabled by default. It’s advised to have it enabled. New: Disabling PHP [...]

Development Versions

Development version 7.7.2

While a new version of Cerber Security for WordPress in the works, you can get early access to some new features, code improvements and bug fixes right now. New: Now you can enable English for the plugin admin interface. The new switch is located in the Main Settings right above the submit button. New: Diagnostic logging for the malware [...]


WP Cerber Security 7.7

We continue improving the plugin and its comprehensive security algorithms. New. Automatic cleanup of malware and suspicious files. This powerful feature automatically deletes trojans, viruses, backdoors, and other malware. Cerber Security Professional scans the website on an hourly basis and removes malware immediately. By default [...]

Development Versions

Development version 7.6.3

While a new version of  Cerber Security for WordPress in the works, you can get early access to some new features, code improvements and bug fixes right now. What’s new in this release A possible issue with uploading a large JSON or CSV file addressed in this development version of the plugin. When Traffic Inspector scans uploaded [...]


WP Cerber Security 7.6

New. The quarantine has got a separate admin page in the WordPress dashboard. When you use the malware scanner to found and then delete malware files, they are moved to the file quarantine. On the new quarantine admin page, you can view deleted files, restore or delete them. The plugin automatically deletes files in the quarantine after [...]

Development Versions

Development version 7.5.2

Now the malware scanner and integrity checker supports multisite WordPress installations. Bug fixed. Once an address IP has been locked out after reaching the limit to the number of attempts to log in the “We’re sorry, you are not allowed to proceed” forbidden page is being displayed instead of the normal user message “You have exceeded [...]


WP Cerber Security 7.5

What’s new in the Traffic Inspector firewall New. The firewall algorithms have been improved and now inspect the contents of all files that are being tried to upload on a website. It inspects files for a malicious payload and delete a file if it contains malware code. This protects the website against code execution attack through [...]


Contact Form 7 are not working

If your Contact Form 7 form doesn’t work, you need to add a namespace exception for REST API on the Hardening tab. Enter contact-form-7 in the Allow these namespaces setting field as shown on the screenshot below. WordPress Security WordPress 5.4.1. A security update fixes seven XSS vulnerabilities WordPress Security Browser [...]


WP Cerber Security 7.2

Cerber Security Scanner has got new features Monitoring new and changed files (what scanner scans and detects) Monitoring changes, detecting malicious redirections and directives in .htaccess files A new detector for Base64 encoded strings quickly detects obfuscated malware code and trojans Automated hourly and daily scheduled [...]