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WP Cerber Security 9.5.3

With AI coding tools like ChatGPT revolutionizing the tech landscape and becoming ubiquitous, maintaining robust WordPress security becomes increasingly important. To defend against emerging threats arising from the widespread use of AI-generated malware, it is essential to keep your WordPress security arsenal up to date.

We’re committed to continuously developing and enhancing WP Cerber algorithms, ensuring they effectively detect and neutralize emerging threats. Earlier this month, we announced the first-of-its-kind bug bounty program in the WordPress plugin ecosystem that rewards a security researcher with a $1000 bonus if they find a vulnerability in WP Cerber. We challenge other vendors to follow our lead.

Enable automatic updates or install WP Cerber if you do not have it on your website.

Improvements to the integrity scanner

WP Cerber uses its own directory to store quarantined files, diagnostic logs, and temporary files created and deleted by the integrity and malware scanner. By default, this directory is created as a hidden subdirectory within the WordPress uploads directory and is protected by an .htaccess file. You can optionally change its location and move it to a more secure place by using a PHP constant CERBER_FOLDER_PATH.

Read more: Changing the location of the WP Cerber directory.

Improvements to traffic and activity logging

  • When saving request fields is enabled in the Traffic Inspector settings, the JSON payload of REST API and other requests is decoded and saved to the Live Traffic log as well. This data is searchable via Advanced Search.
  • The Form Submissions filter, located on the Live Traffic tab, filters out conventional form submissions and no longer includes REST API requests. To view forms submitted via REST API, use the REST API filter instead.
  • The activity export file now includes a new column, “By User,” which contains the user ID of the user who initiated the row event.
  • The names of export files generated by WP Cerber are now unified and include the website URL, making it easier to identify which website the file was downloaded from.

Minor improvements

  • Multiple optimizations and improvements to CSS styles and the layout of WP Cerber admin pages.
  • Prevent Jetpack’s Asset CDN from destroying the layout and style of WP Cerber admin pages.
  • Improved compatibly with PHP 8.

Wonder what WP Cerber got in the previous version?

Review the release note for WP Cerber Security 9.5.

How to install WP Cerber on your WordPress

Enable automatic updates in the plugin settings or use this instruction on how to install WP Cerber if you do not have it on your website.

Have any questions?

If you have a question regarding WordPress security or WP Cerber, leave them in the comments section below or get them answered on the community forum.

Spotted a bug or glitch?

We’d love to fix it! Share your bug discoveries with us here: Bug Report.

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