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Development version 6.3

Use this link to download the development version of the plugin:

This version brings a new, advanced and more effective way of loading plugin modules and the plugin security engine. By default, Cerber Security loads itself in a Legacy, old mode. But from the version 6.3, the advanced way is a standard mode of loading and initializing the plugin. In this mode, the plugin boots itself immediately after the WordPress core is initialized but before any other plugin or theme are loaded. That allows Cerber Security to intercept and inspect suspicious requests more effectively and protect WordPress against attacks that try to exploit a vulnerability in a plugin or a theme and the vulnerable code is executing when WordPress loads the plugin or the theme.

It’s advised to enable loading in Standard mode.

To enable this new mode go to the Main Settings plugin admin page and set the Load security engine setting to Standard mode. Once you’ve done this, a special boot module (aaa-wp-cerber.php) will be copied from the plugin folder to the WordPress must use plugin folder. If copying will not be successful you will see a warning message and the mode setting will be rolled back.


  • A new setting to disable email notifications about new versions of the plugin. It’s located on the Notification admin page in the Email notifications section.
  • Performance of the logging subsystem is improved: the DB query has been updated.


  • In the Smart mode if a user is not logged in, all requests to the admin dashboard are logged.
  • PHP versions older than 5.4 are no longer supported. The code itself is still compatible and can be installed on PHP 5.3.

Read more about previous version of the plugin:

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