WP Cerber Security 5.1

New features Anti-spam and anti-bot for contact and other forms. Cerber antispam and bot detection engine now protects all forms on a website. It’s compatible with virtually any form. Tested with Caldera Forms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Formidable Forms, Fast Secure Contact Form, Contact Form by WPForms. As usual you [...]


WP Cerber Security 5.0

New features Cerber has got a new antispam and bot detection engine that protects comment and user registration forms from bot attacks. No reCAPTCHA is needed anymore. After several attempts bot IP will be locked out. Now you can tell Cerber either to mark detected spam comments as spam or deny them completely. Optionally Cerber can [...]


WP Cerber Security 4.9

Improvements Additional details will be logged and displayed on the Activity page: the URL of a request and decision the plugin engine had made. Added a nice panel with performance indicators showing key events in the last 24 hours. To improve reliability self check-up code has been added. Welcome Poland! Polish translation has been [...]


How to fix errors with database tables

Sometimes, when you move your WordPress to a new hosting or restore the website from a backup, some database tables that are created and used by WP Cerber Security might become corrupted or be deleted. To fix this issue and repair the WP Cerber tables, follow the steps below. Log into the WordPress admin dashboard. In the admin menu, [...]


WP Cerber 4.8.2

This is a bug fixing version. Bugs fixed A reason of blocking an IP address is not shown in notification emails if Always block entire subnet Class C of intruders IP is selected in the settings. An IP address from a range may be locked out if you have overlapping IP ranges in the both IP Access Lists. That means you or your users might [...]


WP Cerber Security 4.8

New features You can enable/disable applying limit login rules to IP addresses in the White IP Access List. A new checkbox on the Main Settings tab. By default it’s disabled. Read more about using WordPress IP Access List. Block malicious IP addresses after a specified number of failed attempts to solve visible or invisible reCAPTCHA. [...]


WP Cerber Security 4.7.7

New features Welcome invisible reCAPTCHA. You can choose what type you want to use: classic visible or new invisible reCAPTCHA. How to setup. reCAPTCHA for comment forms is available now. Stop spam comments – use reCAPTCHA as an anti-spam tool for WordPress comment forms. Improvements Dates on the plugin dashboard now are displayed [...]


WP Cerber Security 4.5

New features Instant mobile and browser notifications with Pushbullet. Get notified instantly via push notifications when an important event happens on your WordPress. Read more how to set up. Ability to choose a 404 page template. The plugin will try to use the 404 template from the active theme, and this is a default behavior or a [...]


WP Cerber Security 4.3

What’s new Do you want to keep eye on specific activity on your website? I have good news for you! Track them like a PRO. Use powerful subscriptions to get email notifications according to filters for events you have set. Filter out activities that you are interested to monitor and then click Subscribe. Done. Read more. [...]